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Dangle That Bangle!

Since I was in college in the 70's my dad, Glen and his ex-wife Sally had been making bangles and assorted wooden items. I often see these items on vintage sights and I still own many of their early pieces. For years they had a booth at Busch Gardens in Tampa and did shows up and down the east coast and beyond. I always see people at shows who are familiar with my dad and Sally or are even wearing a classic piece!  "I bought it at Delray Beach", is a line I hear a lot  Sally is now in real estate in Florida and my dad passed on in June 2017 at the age of 91. He had lived with me the previous 8 years and we worked on the current line of items together. It meant a lot to him that I carried on the work.

The most recent additions are PENDANTS, EARRINGS and PINS! These are cut on a scroll saw- if flat wood or carved on a belt sander- if rounded.

Each bangle is made from locally found wood which is turned on a lathe and either dyed,painted,metal leafed or left natural. It is then coated many times with a high quality varnish and signed HUPPKE on the inside. On the bangles the size is indicated on the inside in millimeters.The crystal coating is unique and tends to magnify both the wood grain and the painting.

Please enjoy this presentation of quality handmade wooden jewelry unlike any other. Email me for sizing or purchasing of anything you see. Thanks for browsing. Leave me some feedback on the CONTACT US page. I hope to see you at one of the shows!


Lou  Huppke